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Almost there!

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February 3, 2015

Making final preparations in our now-gutted kitchen for new floors.


We’re Bullish on this idea…

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CLOSURE ALERT: To accommodate prep work for the install of the kitchen flooring, we will be closing at 3:00pm on Sunday the 1st.

On Monday and Tuesday, we will indeed be using a temporary set up in the front lobby, so please be prepared for things being out-of-place a bit and goofier-than-usual-baristas! What the heck, we love a good challenge!

Construction Update!

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Greetings all!

Just wanted to prepare everyone for possible early closures over the next week or so here at Zizzo’s. They’re starting on the floors tomorrow (Hurray!) and we may need to close early to accommodate the construction. We may, at some point next week, have to set up temporary coffee service in the front lobby area while the kitchen and back-of-house service areas are tiled.

The great news is that this is the final big project in our remodel and, once the floors are in, we can start “moving in” and get the kitchen, etc., set up and actually start having some fun!

Thanks once and all for your patience and patronage during this mildly crazy period. All the best!

Christine & Aaron

Wine Bar Ready for Staining

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Wow, the custom-built wine bar looks awesome – We’re so excited!

IMG_0466 IMG_0467

Wow, Disco Fever!

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Our Monster Mirror Ball is finally IN!! Thank You “Tower Glass” for removing a window to get it into the shop! (It wouldn’t fit through the door!).


Thank you Bob Rivers (Brown Ranch Manager) for lending a helping hand!

BUT – You can’t see it hanging yet. It’s under wraps until the big reveal!

Good Times “Best of Santa Cruz County 2015”

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GTWeekly Vote


Hey Everyone! The voting ballot for the Good Times “Best of Santa Cruz County 2015” is officially open. This is our first time participating in the event, so please help us make a stellar debut!

A few of the categories you could choose for us are:

15. Coffeehouse (Independent)
22. Drip Coffee
41. Small Plates
49. Wine List
50. Wine Bar
74. Happy Hour

Please be sure to list us as “Zizzo’s Coffee, Wine & Piano Bar.”

Thanks for voting of us!

You can find the ballot at: http://svy.mk/1DWjSXA

Construction Update

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Finally got the fluorescent lights out of the ceiling and installed the new LED track lighting. We’ve got a few more lights to install this weekend.

The bathroom is FINALLY getting put back together. Hopefully, it won’t be more than another day or so and we’ll have it up and running. Boy, talk about a MAJOR inconvenience!

The new floors are up next. That should (fingers crossed) be sometime next week. That will allow us to put the kitchen together and get the rest of the equipment and furniture installed.

Wow, we can’t hardly believe we’re getting close to finished! Whew!

Bar Tops!

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Cool! The bar tops are taking shape!


Happy New Year!

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The lighting is almost finished. The holidays slowed things down a bit, but we’re back at it. More news soon. Happy New Year, all!